Flashback Playoffs: PM 35 Cedar Cliff 34.

November 9th, 2013. This first round playoff game started off with two interception plays by both teams. And though Penn Manor was down 28 to 7 at the half they came back to win by shutting down the Colts offense, limiting them to one score and only four first downs in the second half. Head Coach Todd Mealy stated at the end in celebration mode that this was the best win in Penn Manor’s football history. Watch the highlights. First half from above in press box. Second half from down on the playing field level. This was a physical, brutal battle. Watch Andrew Ford, the Colts D-1 QB bound for VA Tech. You won’t believe how quick and strong his throws are. But time after time, Penn Manor made the play they had to make. The interception. The QB sack. The first down with a minute to go to keep possession of the ball and the one point lead that would mean victory. It’s all here.


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