Kiki Jefferson scores 2000th Point

Kiki Jefferson has scored her 2,000th goal as a Crusader. She is the seventh girl in L-L League history to achieve this monumental feat.

She came into the game with 1979 points and needed 21 to reach 2,000. She scored 24 and now has 2004 points. She is averaging 21.2 points per game this season.

Lancaster Catholic defeated Manheim Central 61-22 and remain undefeated and in first place in Section 4.

Kiki was last year’s Class 4A Player of the Year in Pennsylvania.

Lancaster Catholic was 32-0 last year winning the Section 4, L-L League, District 3 and State Titles.

Here is a list of the top seven leading scoring players in the L-L League prior to tonight’s game:

1. 2,573 Marjorie Rhoads, Columbia (1997) 2. 2,445 Becky Hower, Lebanon Catholic (2001) 3. 2,256 Carla Munnion, Cedar Crest (1994) 4. 2,180 Meg Able, Warwick (2003) 5. 2,169 Ashli Schwab, Elco (2001)

6. 2,008 Alyse Hoover, Cedar Crest (2004) 7. 1,981 Abbie Fabian, Cocalico (1997)

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