Lititz wins Midget LNP Tourney

The 74th LNP Midget Baseball Tournament now has a winner as the Lititz Oddfellows defeated Manheim Township tonight 9-7 at Clipper Stadium.

The game was one of those back and forth affairs that seemed to leave every team with the belief that they always had a chance to win.

The Lititz (16-2-1) squad came back from being behind 3 times and in the final version they scored 3 unearned runs to win their seventh LNP title.

Enjoy the video highlights.

The Midget division of baseball teams are made up of 17 year old and under players.

Two other division for the LNP Tournament are the Midget-midget teams with 12 year old and under players. And the Junior midget division comprising players who are 14 year old and under.

Check out our baseball section for the other two division championship playoff games.


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