Top 10 movies about High School sports

If you’re like me right now a little high school sports would go a long way. In the meantime, while I wait and hope that we may see spring sports this school year, I need to get my high school fix in. 
I’ve watched some of the top games from this season back on the NFHS Network, I caught ESPN’s airing of LeBron’s televised high school games, and I keep watching GoPro footage from the high school team I coach. But it’s still not enough. So, I started to re-watch high school sports movies. I guess some good news, it sounds like Ben Affleck’s new movie “The Way Out” will be released on demand early. 

When I think of a really good high school movie it either brings back that feeling of playing, makes me laugh because some of it reminds you of how you and your friends acted, it was based on a really good true story, pulls at your heart, or all of the above.