Lebanon 70 N. Lebanon 58

As you all know by now, the 2020-’21 L-L League Basketball season and all other winter sports programs are on hold until January 4th due to the Covid pandemic.

However, two teams sneaked a game in before the shutdown, Northern Lebanon and Lebanon.

Junior guard Peyton Wolfe for N.Lebanon drilled a game-high 33 points but a balanced Lebanon attack gave the Cedars a 70-58 victory over the Vikings on Friday night.

Lebanon’s Isaiah Rodriguez scored 20 points, Braden Allwein scored 13 points as did Kevin Smith and Luke Collins scored 10 more in the win.

For Northern Lebanon, Wolfe’s 33 points came with the help of 5 3-pointers and 16-for-18 free throw shooting. He was the lone Viking to score in double figures.

Lebanon took control of the contest with a 23-15 run through the first quarter, before extending the lead to 41-30 at the half.