Warwick’s Kai Cipalla

With the basketball season on a three week delay due to the pandemic, here’s a chance to review some players who are coming back and what their goals are.

Here are some questions L-L Hoops put to Warwick’s 6-foot, 3-inch, 220-pound senior guard/forward Kai Cipalla. Who has his eyes set on playing Division One college basketball.

How do you spend your time away from basketball in the off season?
“I am not really spending that much time away. I’m in the gym shooting and working on my game every day.”

Do your coaches staying in touch with the team even though your season is over?
“Yes, our coaches are still staying touch and always check in to make sure we are all doing okay.”

How have you been staying active after all gyms closed due to the “Stay at Home” order?
“Like I said, I’ve been working on my game every day including lifting and doing a variety of other activities to stay moving.”

Being a junior and with college admissions/recruitment looming, how has the coronavirus affected your search for schools?
“It has affected it, but not to a large extent. Obviously with this AAU season being postponed, it affects not getting to talk to colleges. It has also affected the chances to go on campuses and tour them. Other than that, I’ve been reaching out and staying in touch with coaches, as well.”

How has your school been handling the pandemic?
“Warwick has been handling it very well. We just started online instruction last Thursday. For teachers and students that I’m connected with, we definitely think it’s different, but it isn’t anything out of this world.”

What is your outlook for your upcoming senior season?
“As a team, I think our outlook will be achieving a third section title, a third appearance in the L-L
championship– this time getting a win–and then going deep into states.”

What is one piece of advice you have for the rest of the L-L League?
“The best advice I would give is to keep yourself active, stay in shape, and definitely keep your hands on whatever sport you play.”