Looking back: LCHS has a new stadium

Over the course of its 55 years, Rossmere Stadium Athletic Complex has hosted graduations, field days and football games for the Lancaster Catholic community. The plan to update the venue started simply as a new turf field and lighting, but eventually resulted in the complete demolition and reconstruction of the entire complex, rotating the football field 180 degrees to a north/south orientation. The stadium was completed and opened for the 2017 football season.

Since 2016, Warfel construction was involved throughout the planning and development of the project throughout its many ‘lives’, helping the school determine the best ways to allocate their funds with feasibility estimates, preparing value management suggestions and taking overall project leadership.

The video highlights how the community of Lancaster Catholic supporters came together to build a new football complex at LCHS. It will play when you click it.

Here is the 2021 Football season schedule: