Golf Playoffs Coming Up

The 2021 Lancaster-Lebanon Golf Championship Tournament will be held at Honeybrook Golf Course on Monday, September 27th, 2021.
Tournament Information.

All Section Champions may bring their entire 6-man team to the league tournament.

Any team averaging 350 or less may bring their entire 6-man team.

All LL schools may send three (3) players at the discretion of the school.

Any team who has qualified 4 golfers can participate in the team scoring competition.

A minimum of two AA teams and two AAA teams will compete in the League Championship Tournament. The two teams qualifying in each classification are the teams with the lowest scoring average.

If a player is unable to compete in section tournaments because of an injury, the player may be reinstated to play in section tournaments when released by a medical doctor. The player may qualify for the league tournament as a team member or as an individual player if he/she has played in at least one (1) section tournament.

Female LL golfers may qualify for Districts at the LL Tournament. Whether the female competitors are a team or individual competitors, they must play from 85% of the boys (minimum 5000 yards) total golf course distance, and shoot 104 max, to qualify for Districts.

A fee for each independent entrant or team is to be paid to the league in order to participate in the qualifying tournament.

Playoffs (sudden death) will be held following the league tournament to break ties for the final District III qualifying spot and the individual league champion. In the event of a team tie, the aforementioned tie-breaker will be utilized.

Three sectional and one league championship trophy shall be awarded. Medals will be awarded to the top five males and to the top five female golfers the day of their tournament.