L-L Bowling Playoffs About To Begin

The 2022-’23 regular Bowling season has come to an end.

Check out the video of some of the top bowlers in the league. These were taken in the warm up stage of matches played Friday.

The Team Championship L-L League playoffs will be Wednesday, February 8th.

Girls Singles Championships: February 16th at Palmyra Bowling Center, 9 a.m.

Boys Singles Championships: Friday February 17th at Leisure Lanes, 9 a.m.

The top two teams in each section will comprise the playoff bracket.

In case you ever wondered how the scoring in a bowling match works here goes:

1. There are 7 total possible points per match.

2. There are 3 games per match.

2. Each game you win is worth 2 points.

3. The team with the most pins at the end of the 3 games gets a point.

4. The most points you can win in a match is 7.

Section Champions Hempfield, Ephrata, Lampeter-Strasburg and Columbia lead the field, with runners up Northern Lebanon, Penn Manor, Elizabethtown and Manheim Central also getting tournament berths.

Here are the top two teams in each section: